I refuse to jump on the bandwagon… until I don’t

How often do you fight against doing something that’s mainstream?  I typically refuse to jump on an interest purely because it’s hugely popular (with the exception of clothing trends – I love clothes).  Then after a couple months of taking this strong stance, I typically fail.  And you know what happens after I give into the temptation?  I usually love whatever it was that I was avoiding.

After my freshman year of college I was at home with my parents and I had finished the books I’d brought.  In searching around the house I couldn’t find anything I wanted to read but noticed my little brother’s Harry Potter book.  I remember that I had been avoiding these books for some time because everyone had made such a big deal about the series.  “You should read Harry Potter, it’s so imaginative.”  “You should read Harry Potter, the writing is wonderful.”  And so forth.  After a few days of walking by this book and saying, “No!” I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.  Guess what, I feel in love with the books.  In three days I had read three of them and then quickly after tracked down the fourth.  In my opinion, Harry Potter is not something that should be avoided.  I’ll post about this another time.  I also did this with the Stephanie Plum books – you should read those too.

Recently I tried to deny Pinterest and Zumba.  Both I had refused because everyone was doing it.  Well, one day I went to a Zumba class to mix up my workout routine.  I had a blast!  What a great excuse to shake your butt and dance around sexy for an hour – without judgment!  And Pinterest.  Well, Pinterest is pretty much one of the greatest things ever; check it out for yourself.

Then there’s the bandwagons you jump on and realize, “Why did I do this?”  One of these failed moments of willpower would be Twilight.  The grown, educated, thoughtful, and self-assured woman in me HATES these books (movies included).  However, at one point I was a 16 year old ridiculous teenager, and female on top of that, so that piece of me loves them; I’m in a constant internal struggle.  I also decided I would go ahead and read Fifty Shades of Grey.  I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to take back those wasted hours so much.  But I also have trouble not reading every book in a series so I went ahead and read the other two.  I could rant about these books for hours, but I’ll spare you that.

Currently I’m trying to avoid The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and The Hunger Games series, but let’s face it, eventually I’ll give into those too; and there’s a good chance I’ll love them.


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