I’ve arrived… now that I have a blog

I assure that the blog title makes sense, and in good time it’ll become clear.  I recently came to the conclusion that I need a little something to fill a little free time.  I figured that everyone has a blog, so why not me. Look Mom and Dad – I’m being a follower for once in my life.  It’s oddly unsettling.

Currently I do not have a specific theme but believe I can fill it with some fun and a variety of randomness.  If only my family and a few friends read the daily workings of my interesting mind – hopefully they enjoy.  Over the next week or two I’ll work on some posts and try to figure out some good starts.  Keep checking back and always feel free to leave comments on posts, or leave suggestions for posts.   I always have a take on everything… and my take is usually the best take.


One thought on “I’ve arrived… now that I have a blog

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