I should start a collection of my odd random dreams

All my life I have always experienced very intense dreams.  My dreams are always in bright, vivid color and 3D.  I also able smell in my dreams, feel things on my skin, feel things I touch, and experience a variety of emotions.   All of those abilities combined make it so I remember quite a few of my dreams and remember them for years. [It also means I have some pretty odd dreams – emphasis on odd.]  Ever since I was a very young child, probably around 4 or 5, I started having these dream experiences that allowed me to remember great detail.  When I was young the dreams were often times nightmares and were more often than not reoccurring.  The first intense dream I remember having was before my brother was born.  In this dream I was in charge of keeping my family safe from a 500 foot monster! In the dream the monster would be attempting to break in our house from the backdoor and I would have to hold the sliding glass door closed my all my might.  As I was holding it closed I remember trying to think of ways to escape and ways I could help my family escape.  Every time, just as I was about to lose my strength, I would wake up. I remember having this dream repeatedly and would actually be scared to fall asleep at night sometimes.  After having this dream for I don’t even know how many times, I finally told my mom I was having a bad dream.  I remember exactly what my mom said to me, “Sweetie, you know if you have a bad dream all you have to do is tell someone and you won’t have the dream again.”  I’m sure this was just a parenting technique but, sure enough, it worked wonders.  I never had that particular bad dream after my mom telling me that, and I was grateful.  To this day after a really intense dream I have to tell someone in order to get it out of my mind; when I have not mentioned a bothersome dream I continue to have it over and over.

Years of nightmares and intense dreaming led me to realize I had to start figuring out how to change them so I wouldn’t wake up in cold sweats.  Over time I eventually was able to start talking to myself in dreams and telling myself that I was dreaming.  There are times when I will be talking to myself in a dream and trying to convince my dreaming self that what I’m seeing and feeling is not real.  At that time I try to change the dream into something that is more enjoyable.  If I am unable to get out of the dream I will tell myself I need to wake up and more often than not I do.  From discovering how to change my dreams I’ve been able to have a much more pleasurable dreaming experience.  Sure I still have more nightmares than I care for, but they’re vastly outweighed by dreams that make me laugh and sometimes feel on top of the world – epic dreaming.

I’ve always attributed my dreams to my active imagination.  In real life I think and analyze (read – over analyze) everything and want to know what makes things/people tick.  I also absorb things I see and put myself in books I read. Combining all this makes it so my mind is constantly on the go with some thought or another – sometimes coming out in dream form.

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