Scariest movie ever… The Wizard of Oz

I should start out by saying I absolutely refuse to watch scary movies.  There may be a time every now and then when I’m hoodwinked into seeing one, but even then I keep my eyes closed, and more often than not still have nightmares.

I can trace my dislike of scary movies back to my early childhood; to a movie that is loved by millions – The Wizard of Oz.  Whenever I tell people that this is my most feared movie they give me a look of utter disbelief.  I’ve occasionally met a few people who have the same opinion, but more often than not people think it’s ridiculous.  To this I reply, “It’s the flying monkeys!”  Seriously people, those flying monkeys are terrifying!  The scarecrow didn’t help either! Let me tell you what’s even harder, having an entire family, close and extended, that loved the movie and wanted to watch it during family time. Having to sit through over an hour of being scared – not the most pleasant experience.  One time when I was at my grandparents they were really excited as they had bought a new copy of the movie.  I remember being in the TV room by myself shortly after it was purchased.  I looked in the movie bin and wondered if I would be able to hide the movie well enough to never be found.  I knew I wouldn’t get away with this, so there the movie sat, always making me shiver whenever I looked over to its location.  To this day I refuse to watch The Wizard of Oz, and whenever I see something relating to it, I turn away as to not think about flying monkeys.


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