Alert your arteries, there’s a bacon shortage

It seems that bacon is showing up in everything these days.  You have bacon flavored ice cream and vodka, bacon flavored candy in a variety of forms, bacon cupcakes, bacon popcorn, bacon cheese, doughnuts with bacon on top, and the list goes on!

The past couple days I have been amused with all the stories I’ve heard regarding the national bacon shortage that is to be upon us soon.  Some reporters give the impression that the outcry is more funny than serious, while some people in interviews are claiming it as a horrible thing.  To those who find this to be a terrible situation I have one piece of advice: Eat something healthy!

The fact that this is even big news seems very odd to me.  I could understand if bacon was necessary to nutrition, but really it’s just good for making my arteries slow down a bit.  I will not deny that for the most part bacon tastes pretty good, but it’s not something that I find as a need in my life.  In perspective, if there was to be a shortage of fruits and vegetables (which we do have sometimes) I would feel that to be serious and reportable news.  I myself am a big proponent of healthy eating and how eating affects not only your body but your mind.  Bacon is full of saturated fat – more than half its calories come from fat and half of that is saturated – and it’s cured, meaning it’s full of salt.  What does that mean for the working body and mind?  How do you feel after eating fatty foods loaded with salt?  Possibly a bit sluggish?  When you’re feeling sluggish, is that the best time for learning in school or fulfilling job duties?  Probably not.  I know I cannot blame bacon alone for the lack of learning or the total feeling of lethargy, but I think the response to this shortage is lending insight to a bigger problem with our nutrition.

Before I go, I understand that with the supposed shortage we are undoubtedly looking at a price increase of the product and that this is actually the main concern.  However, there is an option – which is to not buy bacon and learn to eat foods that are essential for proper nutrition.   Now, please pass me an apple and throw a couple almonds in for good measure.

2 thoughts on “Alert your arteries, there’s a bacon shortage

  1. I love bacon. The main reason for the shortage is that with the drought in the mid west the corn crop is non existant. This is the biggest stable to feed hogs. They should be more concerned about the whole hog and not focus on just the bacook

  2. I did not say that bacon tastes bad, just that it’s bad for you. I also understand that the reason this story is out there is due to the drought that occurred in the Midwest this summer; I just find it funny that this is the new we’re pulling from that. I also realize that corn is the biggest staple to feed the hogs, but the use of corn in this world also spurs some irritation with me. I am just more annoyed with the overall American diet.

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