Don’t be fooled by the cute

As guessed by the title you can probably imagine that my adorable little cat in that picture, wears a disguise of cuteness.  I should follow that up, and start the intro into the blog post, by saying that I love my cat and I do thinks she’s wonderful, even with her miss drama queen attitude; and she is nowhere near the worst cat ever.

My whole life I’ve always loved cats.  I was given a cat by my parents as a one year old and from that day forward they have always been superior to dogs (sorry to dog lovers out there, I love them too, but I love cats more).  My cat ended up passing on shortly before I went off to college and I went through a period where I did not have any pets of my own.  Eventually it became time to get another cat who would love me unconditionally like the previous.  The story begins there.

In the years I’ve had her she has managed to get herself stuck on top of kitchen cabinets, scratch the hell out of my dad, hiss at and hate almost everyone that comes through my home, bite my arms to the point of having scars for at least a year, and bit through my thumb – yes we’re talking through the nail and the skin on the bottom – which required a lovely dose of antibiotics.  [I should defend her in that case and mention that it was while playing and I had the unfortunate timing of accidentally putting my hand to close when she went to chomp and capture the fake mouse.]  When I put all those facts together it’s easy to see why some people may not like cats.  However, despite doing all of that, she has mellowed over the years and the worst thing she currently does is continue to hate everyone but me.  The biting and climbing onto things was a simple measure of training (she wasn’t socialized when she was very young) and I don’t think she’s tried to bite in quite some time.  Something I have never been able to fix is the unconditional love piece… but I guess she is a cat.  On the positive, she is lovely and serene when I’m reading a book, watching a movie, or lying in bed.  At those times she’ll hop on my lap and purr for hours.  Everyone also admits that despite her terrible attitude, she is of course, an extremely cute cat as is evidenced by her picture…  My dad though, may disagree.


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