This changing gyms business is going to be harder than I thought

Tonight I worked out at the gym I’m thinking about joining, now that my 24 hour membership has officially expired.  I have to say: I was not impressed.

Now, I’m thinking that potentially part of the issue was that I didn’t want to be impressed.  This being the first day I have not frequented 24 hour regularly in many years.

Something about the new gym did not leave me feeling inspired – in fact, I was bored.  I should not be bored during working out!  How is it even possible to be bored when working out?


Tomorrow I’m going to call 24 hour and beg for some type of reasonable deal… which I’m almost sure I won’t get.  They are 24 hour after awhile – they can charge more just because.

So, I may have to figure out how to make the new gym work.  I’m sure that once it’s the place I have to go, that I will find my rhythm and everything will work out.  But for certain things, I am quite the stickler in terms of what I think is good.  The gym is one of them.

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