Spider dreaming

I may have an irrational fear of spiders.  It started with the movie arachnophobia.  I checked my bed for months after that movie to make sure I wouldn’t have any creepy crawly visitors.  I’ve also had a few super terrifying moments with them – at least for someone who is terrified of spiders.

When I was younger, one night I got out of bed to get a drink of water.  As I was walking into the kitchen I looked down for some unknown reason and right under my foot was a huge spider.  I almost stepped on it!  Naturally I screamed, ran, and jumped on the couch.  My parents came running out of their bedroom terrified something horrible was happening.  Well, there was – I almost stepped on a spider.  Another day I was minding my own business, taking a shower, when I looked up on the shower curtain mid shampoo and noticed a HUGE spider on the inside curtain.  Again, I screamed, threw open the shower curtain, grabbed a towel and ran out of the bathroom, and again my parents thought something terrible was happening.  I consider spiders pretty terrible.

The shower experience causes me to check the curtain everyday so I am never again face to face with a spider while showering.  I also keep an exceptionally clean house probably thanks to spiders.  When I was a teenager my parents told me one day that I HAD to clean my room.  As a grumpy teenager I stomped to my room reluctantly.  I picked up a pair of shorts on the ground… and a spider crawled out and almost onto my hand.  From that day forward, you will not find anything lying on the ground!

This fear of spiders has also found itself trickling its way into my dreams.  I have dreamed of hissing spiders standing on their back legs while I was trying to get into my car.  I have dreamed about a barking spider chasing me and trying to run up my legs.  I have dreamed about a giant spider that took over my entire bedroom wall.  That specific dream was especially terrifying.  I have dreamed about being surrounded by spiders and not sure how to get away, in addition to many other situations.

While I realize that some of my fear is absolutely irrational considering most spiders will not hurt you, live in your house and mind their own business, and only show themselves at certain times of the year, I still dislike them a great deal.  Maybe I can blame my parents for making me watch arachnophobia.  Guess teaching between difference and reality there, didn’t really work out.

One thought on “Spider dreaming

  1. I also used to have an irrational fear of spiders and similar “spider dreams.” I would dream that they were in my bed and wake up hysterical, pulling all the covers off. When I was a child I had some scary close encounters that led to my fears. However, as an adult, these fears were hindering my life. When, at age 30 I realized my lifelong dream of getting my own horse, it was time to deal with my arachnophobia. (There are a lot of spiders in horse barns!) So, I began making a conscious effort to connect with spiders, to let them know I was fearful and to ask for their help in overcoming my fears. Certainly I kept my distance at first but as I kept on with my intention to reduce my fear and appreciate them for the diversity they bring to our world, my fears gradually decreased. Interestingly, I also noticed that I was no longer seeing spiders “everywhere.” In my previous state of fear, I was always looking for them and usually found them which made me even more fearful. As I relaxed about it, I stopped noticing so many of them. I admit they can still make me jump when I encounter one unexpectedly (and, of course the larger and hairier the more I jump!) but I no longer want to kill them and I’ve gotten to a place where we can each live and let live. I haven’t had a spider dream in many years and I would say my anxiety about them has gone from a 10 down to a 2 or a 3. Hope this helps!

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