Chronicles of a new gym: Day 1

Well, I tried every route I could for 24 hour fitness, but got nowhere.   I called to see if they had any special offers for a long time member – and they did.  However, their “special offers” were completely unreasonable.   I also contacted my health insurance to see if they offer a discount, they do… for pretty much every other gym in the world.  I also went to my company in regards to our wellness committee to see if there was something they could work out.  Alas, no success.  So this meant I was now resigned to the new gym.  I went in reluctantly.

As it turns out, I probably shouldn’t have been as resistant as I was.  I went this morning at my typical time and was shocked with how few people were there (compared to what I’m used to).  I had the opportunity to use weights and any machine I wanted, AND it’s resolution time!  I also took an abs class which was better than any abs class I’d been to previously.  Let’s just say that right now I’m pretty wobbly from my super awesome workout this morning.

I’m sure my view from the weekend (see previous post) was skewed slightly when I still thought I had a glimmer of hope for 24 hour, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to adjust now.  I did however notice a few things that will be difficult to get used to, so I’ve put them in a pro and con list.

Out of all the con’s the only ones I think that will be difficult to adjust to are the driving and the cold.  However, I can start buying long sleeve workout shirts or hoodies rather than T-shirts when I need new workout clothes.  Yay shopping!

Pro’s: Con’s:
  • Weren’t as many people at my typical workout time
  • None of the machines were broken
  • The abs class was great
  • They have different workout classes that I’ve never been to, so I’ll be able to mix it up quite a bit, and that’s a really good thing!
  • I’ll be reading even more books! (See con’s column for explanation)
  • People seemed really friendly
  • Free wi-fi!  News in the AM on your phone anyone? J
  • I’ll never be warm during my workout again – or be able to wear short sleeves.  I dislike fans and AC during workouts (I for some reason typically have a hard time getting warm no matter how hard I’m working).  At 24 hour I knew which machines were out of line of the fans and AC so I could be comfortable.  Well, new gym is cold all around and AC hits everywhere. Ugh!
  • Individual machines don’t have TV’s.  Not that this is a big deal, but at 24 hour I was able to zone out while working out hard and not think much of it, time flew.  Well, now I’m very aware of how hard I’m working.
  • Further away so takes a little bit of time to get there, and traffic is not pleasant during certain times of day.
  • No pool (but I knew that going in)
  • The group exercise room is smaller, meaning I’ll have to plan classes more strategically in terms of how they hand out passes.
  • It’s not open anytime and this will affect my weekend workouts as we get into the warmer months.

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