Socks for Christmas

For the past few years I’ve analyzed the change you go through from childhood to adulthood in regards to Christmas presents.  As a child Christmas (non-religious) is all about Santa Claus coming to visit.  Naturally you start behaving better from about Thanksgiving on, the list is prepared with way too many things, and you compare your wants with friends, just to make sure you didn’t forget to put something on your list.

Then comes Christmas Eve.  You’re unable to sleep as the mind is envisioned with what Santa may bring and put under the tree just for you.  You imagine hearing reindeer on the roof before you finally doze off.  Soon it’s about 5am and it’s time to go jump on mom and dad, because today is not the day for sleeping in.  You drag everyone, bleary-eyed, to the tree and marvel in all the glory that lies beneath.  Patiently you wait for instructions on who will open the first gift and how the proceedings will continue.   You open the first gift and “Yes, it’s just what I wanted!”  Excited by what is happening you open a couple more and again find the treasures your heart desires.  Then suddenly you open a present and find… socks!  It may be something else like a pair of jeans, a shirt, some underwear, etc. but the point is: you’ve been jipped!  I mean, how on earth is a pack of socks thought to be a reasonable present.

Fast-forward twenty some years later.  Socks for Christmas!  Thanks, I really needed those.  A new pair of pants!  Oooh and that’s the shirt I wanted!  When I think about this, it’s entertaining how times change.  Why is it that socks are suddenly considered a reasonable gift, when years ago it seemed like the downer to a normally very exciting day?  I believe the answer to be: Because it’s something you no longer want to have to buy.   While the price of socks is of course very inexpensive, they’re still those things that you think to yourself: “I could really use a couple new pairs, mine are getting pretty thin.  Well, I can probably get by with these a bit longer, I don’t really want to buy any right now.”

As you grow you’re now able to buy more of the things you want for yourself, which you would typically put on a Christmas list when you were younger.  You have also become a choosier person over time and certain things have certain features which you want to make sure you get right.  It makes it so much easier to just buy these things for yourself, thus no longer really needing a Christmas list.  Which is why socks for Christmas, are now a pretty great thing.

socks 3


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