Half marathon, here I come

I came to the conclusion the other day that I have not been a very good blogger, considering I have not had a post since the end of December.  It’s not the lacking of topics I have compiled to blog about that slows my posts, but my sheer lack of laziness (sometimes mixed in with too much to do).  So, I am going to try to be a better blogger and at least post one time weekly.

For this week, I am happy to announce that I have decided to run another half marathon: Race for the Roses.  My original goal was to run a half marathon before I turn thirty!  Well, that date keeps inching closer and closer and I’m not sure I will make it.  At first I thought I might try to run a destination race someplace warm, but I ended up not having anyone around that wanted to travel at that time – therefore my motivation waned.  I also have no desire to run outside in the frigid northwest months of January and February.   However, I have determined that this should not mean that I do not try, I just might have to make the attempt on a treadmill.  While I don’t believe that will count as a real 13.1 miles, if I can accomplish the feat in less than 2 hours, I will just role with it.

So, now that it is mid-January already, I have exactly one month to try and make this goal.  If I can’t, I hope to set it at Race for the Roses.  I’ve previously run this race about 2:15 and I am determined to try and skim those 15 minutes off.  I also hope to not to fall down like I did last time.  That was not fun.  Lesson learned there is to not look over your shoulder while you’re rounding a corner, it doesn’t matter what people behind you are doing.  Though I’m sure a few people had a good laugh over it.  None-the-less, I hopped right up and kept running while pouring water (thank goodness it was by an aid station) on my hands and picking the rocks out.  The sides and balls of my hands were purple for the next week.

I ran Race for the Roses a few years ago and said I wouldn’t do it again because they didn’t give out medals.  Many people are probably thinking that this thought process is pathetic (because charities are supported with your entry fee), but the gimmick of running long distances is that you get a medal to show that you’ve done it.  It also did not say in the entry form that it was not supplied.  Well, why run it again you ask?  I managed to get a free entry!  I would never say no to a free race entry.

So, now that I am set to run a half marathon, I will of course try to make this race happen in 2 hours or less.  I am still going to try to accomplish it by my birthday, but if I don’t, I now have a back-up to try and make it happen soon after.  And to get to my goal I’ll try to think of it this way: The harder I run, the sooner I can stop. 🙂


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