A hurt foot two weeks before the marathon. Ugh.

I have been working hard the past couple months to get my mile time down to a place where I feel not only comfortable, but also very happy.  As someone who has consistently run a 10 minute mile in the past, I can now run at 8:30 for many miles and 8:00 for at least a few.  I figured that this would ultimately play out in my favor to finally finish that marathon in under two hours.

Well, cut to about a week and a half ago when I was at the gym doing lunges.  There I was, I had just finished a good long run on treadmill, some arm weights, and now it was time to get a nice leg workout in.  I’d done 4 lengths no problem with 15lb weights I was holding up over head, each length stopping to work on other muscle groups.  Well, I’m now getting to that 5th length, I’m halfway across the gym, I go to push up with my left foot and realize I’ve taken too long of a step.  When I go to push myself up I go too far forward on my toes and… holy lots of bad words!

I can tell you that I have never felt that type of pain in my big toe before.  I definitely hurt it at the joint of the big toe (metatarsophalangeal joint).  It hurts in that entire joint and even on the inside of the toe (between the big toe and the second).  Then there’s stepping on the ball of my foot, that’s pretty much out.  It’s not that I can’t do it, it just that there is a considerable amount of pain that comes with this.  Let me tell you, it’s a good thing that running doesn’t require you to push off with the front of your foot… Ugh!

Now that it’s exactly two weeks until race time I am really beginning to question whether or not this injury is going to heal in time.  And even if it does start to feel better, pounding the pavement for 13 miles right after it gets better, probably not the smartest thing to do.  So now I’m left with three options:

  1. Go ahead and run anyway.  This is without a doubt the worst idea and I should be yelled at if I do go ahead with this plan.
  2. Walk the half marathon.  Still not a great idea.  Altering your walking style over a short distance is one thing, but over 13, that’s just asking for different injuries.
  3. Suck it up and not do the race.  Probably looking like the best idea right now, but I am seriously struggling with giving up something I’ve been working towards. Granted the entry into the race was free so I wouldn’t be losing anything, but it’s still hard to come to terms with.

So, which option will I choose?  I don’t know.  I guess we’ll see on April 14th.

One thought on “A hurt foot two weeks before the marathon. Ugh.

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