Race Day. Still Injured.

So here we are with race day upon us and here I am with a still injured foot.  I figured a good three weeks without much improvement on the injury probably warranted a trip to the doctor.  The good new is, the foot is not broken.  The bad news, soft tissue injuries are persnickety and take time to heal. In a way it would have been easier if my foot was broken.  With a broken bone there’s a hard and fast way to heal, with soft tissue it’s all about just trying your best.  Turns out I have a tendon injury/sesamoiditis in the ball of my foot.  Apparently those little sesamoid bones around that joint can cause a lot of pain if injured in just the right way.  So to continue on with the healing it could be another few weeks before it starts improving.  I’m going to give it my best though because according to my Nike+, the last day I ran was April 23!  That’s much too long ago.

Anyway, while I’m disappointed that the injury prevented me from doing the half marathon, I always try to find a couple positives:

  1. I’ve had to focus primarily on weight lifting workouts, which hasn’t been so bad.  Typically I do weights 3x per week, but now I’m really working in a lot of variation.  My muscles are thanking me.
  2. I’ve had to slow down on working out so much.  For me it’s important to get to the gym often and feel like I’m getting a good workout.  However, being forced to slow down and not go to the gym has meant I’m relaxing more.
  3. It was RAINY on race day.  I’m definitely a fair-weather runner and more than anything I despise running in the rain.  It would be one thing if it were warmer outside, but our weather has taken a turn to the chilly side in the last week and this morning is no exception.  I do not miss having to run in the rain AND the cold.
  4. Now I have to find another race to run this year to try out my goal and maybe I can try a race I’ve never done before.  Plus, I can pick one during the warmer months and not be frozen for two hours.
  5. I still got my race T-shirt and a goodie bag full of yummy snacks.

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