Really? Parking Lots and Crosswalks

I’m the type of person who typically does not let situations get to them.  Don’t get me wrong, things annoy me but an outward respond is fairly uncommon.  I figure I’m unable change the actions of others so letting it go tends to be the best option.  However, this does not mean I have no opinion or thoughts which I let stream through my mind when I witness something really irritating.  So, I figured I wanted to occasionally write a blog entry about those random things, and today is the first installment of the blogs which I decided to title: “Really?”

Here we go with our list.

  • Sauntering across a parking lot as if no one is around: First let me say that this does not count for small children or people who have reasons for walking at a slower pace.  It does however cover those folks who clearly have no excuse and decide to take a leisure stroll.  Hey, if you want to stroll leisurely feel free, I don’t know mind that you’re a more relaxed person who takes life in strides and there should probably be more relaxed people in the world.  However, it is quite irritating watching you move at a pace slightly faster than a sloth when I could be on my merry way to work.  If I drop my shoulders in response to sighing, while I look at you, it typically has nothing to do with you, just the speed at which your legs are moving.
  • Having to attain the closest parking spot possible: Again, no problems with people who need close parking spots, just those that are lazy.  I’m fairly certain this is what sets my nerves on edge more than anything else when in a parking lot.  I just do not understand why there is the need to find the closest spot possible.  Do your legs not work?  Is it a game?  It is a sense of accomplishment?  It especially drives me nuts when there is an open parking spot and the person in front of me passes it up so they can then STOP and wait for the person 2 spots ahead!  Not only does this seem completely ridiculous, it does not allow me to pull into the space you felt was out of our league.  My thought when it comes to parking is this: If you see a close spot that is open, go ahead and take it.  However, if there are none, park in the first spot you can see.  A little extra walking is good for you.  [Insert snarky comments about current state of human race and how lazy we’ve become.]
  • Walking down the middle the driving area: So I’m ready to park my car or maybe I’m preparing to exit the lot.  What happens next is someone exits their car and decides to walk right down the middle of the driving area.  It’s not as if they don’t see you, they just decide that this is where they’re going to walk.  And guess what, it’s your friend from the crosswalk.  Drop shoulders and sigh.

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