A scent for a trip to times past

We all know smell is one of the main connections to evoking memories from the past. Whether it be warm bread baking in the family home, the smell of a bustling city or freshly mown grass, we all have a scent that takes us back in time to a cherished moment.

For years my nose would occasionally pick up a very specific scent that would take me back to a lovely childhood memory. I would suddenly be sitting on the floor with my cousin at Christmas time. My older cousins would be holding their newborn baby on their laps, my grandpa would be in his usual seat, other family was scattered around and a small little Christmas tree would be resting on the corner table. As my cousin and I were opening presents one of mine ended up being this pen set with little decorative doodads on the top. I remember loving any type of writing or drawing set because I could spend hours doodling on any piece of paper I could find (sadly I never ended up being too artistic). Something about these pens has directly correlated with that scent but I had never been able to figure it out what the scent was. That is, until recently. One day while I was meandering about I popped into a bath shop which I had only be to a few times previous. The store was fairly empty that day so I spent a good amount of time perusing and smelling everything I ran across. I ended up reaching for this body wash that was labeled as olive scent. Once I opened the jar and breathed in the aroma I was suddenly thrust right back into that memory. There I was with my family again smiling, laughing, being cozy and creating memories.

I of course ended up purchasing the body wash because I didn’t want to let go what I’d been looking for a number of years. I’m not sure why the olive scent has anything to do with the connection of that night, whether it was something someone was wearing or possibly that doodads on top of my pens were scented. No matter though because I can now take a trip down memory lane any time and be right back in the moment. It’s not that I wasn’t able to recall the memory without the scent, just that the scent makes the full memory. In the end it turns out I’m glad you can bottle things from your past and keep them on a shelf for retrieving at your desire.

Featured image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Olives_vertes.JPG

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