Back to my original gym. Back to blogging.

So, it’s been many months since I’ve written a blog entry – the longest silent stretch so far – and I’ve decided I need to break this habit of not putting fingers to keys. [It sounds so much cooler to say pen to paper.  Is technology taking the fun out of things?]  Anyway, so here I go with my first entry back and my attempt to have one at least one blog entry per week.  I still don’t have a designated blog theme, but oh well, I’m more of the random type anyway when it comes to life.

Alright, onto the topic of this blog.

I’ve recently gone back to 24 Hour Fitness after leaving them in December.  When my membership expired and they simply refused to give me a decent returning membership rate, I had decided it would be time to test out a new gym.  These days we have a myriad of gyms popping up all over the place and I figured that a gym must be a gym – a place to workout and get fit.  My, my, how wrong I was.

After joining the new gym I quickly started noticing some downfalls:

  • The atmosphere seemed to be lacking in motivation: I’m not sure exactly what it was but I never felt incredibly motivated to do a hard interval session.  Of course I did not let this stop me from doing that at times, but it just didn’t seem to offer the same “oomph.”  I’m kept trying to figure out if it was the layout, the equipment, the people, etc.  Alas, I think it was a combination of everything.
  • The classes were not as good as I was hoping: The new gym was really proud of their 30 minute group fitness model.  Providing the idea that the 30 minutes would be utilized well, with intervals, strength, etc; creating a great workout system without the longevity.  Well, apparently I need those 60 minute workout sessions.  When you have a 30 minute workout class, by the time you get through the 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool-down, not to mention classes starting late, you had a 15-20 minute workout session.
  • Something about the instructors irked me: I never felt like the instructors really had a connection with the class.  It felt as though many of them came to teach, laughed a bit with certain people, and then were done and back to their own workout or chatting up their friends.  Again, probably not an issue with most, but it’s fun to be in a place where you have an instructor who makes a connection and really gets to know people in class.
  • The group workout room was very small: This made it difficult to do bigger movements and really utilize the floor space – a definite downside.  It also limited the number of people that could get a pass.  If you couldn’t show up at least 35 minutes before a class to wait in line.. yes wait in line… to get a pass that’s handed out 30 minutes before class, then often times you just missed out.  This is an awesome for people who have normal work schedules.  [Note the sarcasm]
  • Layout was awkward for some things and lacking certain tools: I love being in the group fitness room with a Bosu ball, heavy weights, and a physio ball.  New gym did offer this, but weights were only up to 15lbs!  This means total weight I could work with would be 30lbs!  I really enjoy utilizing the Bosu ball while I do heavy weight rows, dead lifts, etc. and in between sets utilizing the floor space to get in cardio intervals.  In the new gym I could pretty much only do moderate weights and intervals and then had to do any heavy weights in the designated area.
  • Actual gym hours: I’m sure this is not an issue for most people of the world, but for me it ended up being annoying.  I found that if you had weekend plans it would be difficult to get a workout in sometimes because by the time you got to the gym, tried to get a good workout in, and then cleaned up, it would be 10-11am before your day could start.  If you had to meet someone early, a workout typically wasn’t possible.  Not to mention the hours closed early on weekends as well.
  • Cardio equipment: Some of it didn’t have programs offered a good workout.  Very strange to run across cardio equipment like that.
  • The Zumba instructors were not very good: Self explanatory if you like Zumba… and I love Zumba.
  • No pool: I’m a big swimmer.  Haven’t swam in 7 months.  Enough said.

All-in-all it’s not a bad workout facility but just didn’t meet what I need out of a gym.  I ended up deciding that sometimes paying more for something that’s really important to you is just what needs to be done.  Not to mention I now see familiar faces, can go back to my routine, and know that Zumba will be a booty-shaking good time.  Now, where’s goggles, it’s time for a swim.

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