Apparently I cannot subsist on berries alone

As I sit here this morning eating my delicious fresh farmer’s market bought strawberries and blueberries, it makes me think how I often say I could eat nothing but berries.  I don’t know what it is about berries, but boy are they wonderful. I have 3/4 – 1 cup blueberries most days of the week for breakfast, and when late spring and summer arrives it’s prime berry season.  One day I would love to have a garden filled with so many berry bushes that I would be able to freeze enough berries to last me through the entire winter.

Growing up my parents would tell me stories about our berry picking ventures in which I would pick one berry for the bowl and one berry for me.  The process repeating until I’m covered in berry juice.  As I have grown up nothing in that area has changed.  My parent’s have quite a few berry bushes in their yard and every summer it’s the same thing: “If you’re going to pick berries, don’t eat them at the same time!”  Well, this has just becomes something more for them to say rather than something that is actually followed.  When I’m around it’s inevitable that there will be a few less berries on the bush and a few less frozen berry packs in the freezer.

About a month ago when we were in raspberry and boysenberry season I was at home for a weekend.  Always a delicious time.  Throughout the weekend I would randomly go out to the bushes and pick off some sun-drenched berries for a sweet snack.  I was also able to pick about 8 cups of berries to bring home with me for my return on Sunday.  Naturally these made the perfect breakfast food and lunch time snack.  Well, come Tuesday I started feeling really tired in the afternoon, and upon arriving home I’d barely make it through the door before it was nap time.  When Wednesday evening showed up and I was so drained and exhausted I had  to figure out what was different in my routine that could be making me feel so knackered.  As I thought about it, I’d then realized I’d eaten pretty much nothing but berries from a Saturday afternoon through a Wednesday afternoon.

As It turns out, I wasn’t really paying much attention to what I was eating and must have subconsciously decided to test out my theory of being able to survive on berries.  Since berries are so filling I just wasn’t feeling hungry enough to eat anything else after that.  In those few days I think I had a small serving of stir-fry and a couple salads – just feeling too full to eat any substantial.  So, on that Wednesday night I headed out the store to purchase some actual protein and grains and by mid-afternoon the next day I could feel a spring coming back into my step.

While berries may be delicious, I suppose I have learned my lesson about tossing in extra food groups occasionally during the summer.  Though I’m not sure the lesson was entirely learned because for a dinner last week I ended up having nothing but blueberries and cheese… and I’m sure it won’t be the last.



2 thoughts on “Apparently I cannot subsist on berries alone

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