When you don’t want to go to the gym… go anyway

Early today was one of those mornings where I really did not want to go to the gym.  It may have partially had something to do with my cat waking me up before 5am.  The mistake was trying to go back to sleep when I really wasn’t that tired to start with.  I ended up lazing around for a bit and doing that not-sleeping-but-sorta-sleeping thing.  Around 5:15am I decided laying in bed wasn’t really getting anywhere, so it was probably time to do something.  I grabbed my workout clothes and as I was putting them on I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to eat some breakfast and lounge around and do nothing. [For those who are thinking: “You don’t eat before you workout?  The answer is: The majority of the time, No.  It’s not something that works for me.  Even a banana doesn’t work.]  I decided I would push through that, now strong, desire to lounge and do nothing. I put myself on autopilot, grabbed my keys and got myself out the door.  When I was around the corner from the gym I seriously considered turning around and going back.  This is how much I suddenly didn’t want to workout.  I told myself I would look ridiculous pulling into the lot and then out again, so moved forward.  This feeling stayed with me through setting up all the equipment.  Then, once I had done my first cardio interval, suddenly the morning was looking pretty great.  For the 45-60 minutes I did intervals and weights and left he gym feeling extremely accomplished.  I can now say that I am full of energy and ready for the day.  This is why you always go to the gym, even when you don’t want to.  Plus, you have cool shoes… so you have to go the gym. photo-2

 Today’s workout:


  • Two 15lbs weights
  • Two 10lbs weights
  • One 7.5lbs weight
  • Barbell with 40lbs (should have gone at least 20lbs heavier)
  • Bosu ball
  • Physio ball
  • Step with 4 risers
  • Mat
  • Timer


  1. 1 minute toe touches up and down the step length wise
  2. 15 kick backs on bosu ball
  3. 15 side kicks on bosu ball
  4. 1 minute toe touches up and down the step
  5. 15 deadlifts weight barbell – on flat side of bosu ball
  6. 20 bent over rows
  7. 1 minute side lunges on step
  8. 15 bicep curls with heavy weights – on flat part of bosu ball
  9. 15 shoulder press with medium weights – on flat part of bosu ball
  10. 10 front raises with medium weights
  11. 1 minute side lunges on step
  12. As many abs as you can handle on the physio ball
  13. Side abs on the physio ball
  14. 30 second toe touches on step
  15. Repeat through a second time

Next Part:

  1. 1 minute plank using bosu ball
  2. 1 minute speed skaters
  3. Side ab crunches
  4. Regular crunches
  5. For the next exercise I’m not sure what its called, but I lay my trunk on the physio ball, have a 7lbs weight, and lift the weight out in front of me.  It works the back really well.
  6. Repeat through a second time

After that I went did some leg weights and triceps using the machines.  By the time I was ready to leave the gym, it’s safe to say that I was in need of a shower.  And yes, I promptly ate breakfast.

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