No good can come from eating cookies at 9am

This morning at work someone had brought us a lovely collection of yummy snacks.  The only downside to these snacks was that they were cookies, chocolate muffins, chips, bagels and cream cheese, orange juice, and chocolate milk.  Do you feel like you’re going into a sugar coma just reading that?

The normal thing to do would be to say, “Oh no, I don’t need a cookie at 9am.  I’ll wait and have half a cookie with my lunch.”  Well, that thought process lasted until about 9:30am.

A couple coworkers and I decided we might as well go ahead and have some of those snacks since they were bought for us.  Why wait!

I’ll tell you why you wait.  No matter how delicious the cookie, which this one was, you don’t eat like that in the morning because it makes you crave sugar the rest of the day.  Not to mention you definitely feel a bit sluggish.

Maybe I should mention that this cookie was not your typical homemade chocolate chip cookie size.  Nope, this was probably just slightly smaller than a CD.  Not to mention they were store bought.  So I’m sure that even though they were made in the bakery, the dough likely was purchased, which means there were probably all sorts of preservatives and other junk.  Ah, c’est la vie.

So, the lesson learned is that no good can come from eating cookies at 9am.  I’m also pretty sure that I’ll remember this lesson until the next time someone brings delicious snacks for us in the morning.

Maybe I should put in a request for brownies…


4 thoughts on “No good can come from eating cookies at 9am

    • If people would bring gross sugary items to work in the morning, I’d have no problem resisting those. However, these were scrumptious bakery cookies with M&M’s. Cookies plus M&M’s… too much to handle. Haha. I think having that stuff too early in the day, not only makes you crave it for the rest of the day, but also seems to last into the next day as well. Next time I’ll have to make sure I bring a nice nutritious snack for when we have those group gatherings.

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