Zumba: A booty shakin’ good time

About a year ago I’d heard of this new trend called “Zumba.”  I had some friends that had done it and raved, telling me I should go.  The class at the gym was always completely packed and the people looked like they were having a great time.  Then people at work started talking about how they’d been taking Zumba classes and were having so much fun.

Well, me being slightly more on the shy side and not wanting to look like a complete idiot in front of others was nervous to take a class like this.  I’m not sure why since I do cardio kickboxing, step class, and all those other classes that require coordination, but it’s just how my thought process was working at the time.  Then one day I decided that I would get over that because I needed to know what was so awesome about this class people were talking about.  So the next time the gym offered one I decided that would be the day.

When I got to class the instructor, like any good instructor, asked if anyone was new to Zumba and had never taken a class before.  Me, and thankfully a few others, raised their hands.  She told us that no matter what happens to just keep moving around and we’ll eventually get it.  I thought she must be crazy because obviously people are going to notice if you’re out of step.   Turns out, I was completely wrong. As soon as the class got going I realized that the moves are easy to pick up, everyone else looks just like you (with the exception of those few really amazing people), and people are just laughing and having fun. Not to mention I could literally just jump around and it wouldn’t matter because anything works with Zumba. Once I was a few classes in I was able to get the routines and start to pick up on the changes.  The only songs I typically struggle with are the Latin songs that work in three-step rather than even steps.  For those, I just revert to doing whatever works.

Something else I’ve discovered about Zumba, and which is the reason why I think most people like it, is it’s a reason to shake your butt for sixty minutes and do a lot of sexy dance moves.  Basically it’s an excuse to act seductive while being silly and getting a great workout.  Now, that’s a type of workout I won’t ever get tired with.

Now I’ll leave this post with my favorite Zumba song.


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