Paddleboarding – disappointingly easy

Over the weekend I was in Seattle visiting a friend.  What spurred the trip is that earlier in the summer I saw a Groupon for paddleboarding up in the Seattle area.   The Groupon ended up running out before I could purchase, but I was still determined to go.   I’ve wanted to paddle board for quite some time but a trip to the tropics just wasn’t in the cards at the time.  So I figured I’d have to settle on the good ‘ole Northwest.

For a while we were considering paddleboarding in the Sound but I ended up chickening out because the water is so cold.  So instead we settled on Green Lake.   It’s a smaller lake, not too deep, and the water would be much more bearable for when we inevitably toppled over trying this new activity.

Our first surprise of the day was when we got there and there was a special for people who come before noon.  It’s always nice when you’re paying less than you thought.  Our second surprise came when it was incredibly easy to get up on the board and stand up.  The people who got us the boards explained that likely we’d want to paddle around on our knees first because that’s easier.  Well, it was quite the piece of cake getting to our feet.  Our last surprise came when we realized how incredibly balanced we were.  There was not one moment of falling in the entire day.

I know it may sound strange, but I was a bit disappointed I didn’t fall in the water.   I love swimming, and especially lakes, so the whole way there was looking forward to swimming.  The easy solution would have been to just jump in but my friend didn’t really feel like swimming that day.  I didn’t want to be the only soaking wet person going to lunch after.

During our hour of paddle boarding time we paddled from one side of the lake to the other and then back again.  We also sat down on the boards and lounged around in the warm weather.  As we were sitting down I discovered that from that position you could really get yourself moving quite fast through the water.  Looking back, I should have challenged my friend to a race.  Maybe it would have gotten competitive enough for one of us to push the other in the water; that could have been the solution to swimming.

While paddleboarding was a bit too easy, I do want to go again.  Next time I’ll just make sure I’m surrounded by sharks in big waves.  Yes, I think that would make it more of a challenge.

2 thoughts on “Paddleboarding – disappointingly easy

    • I think you should try it. I originally thought it was going to be wobbly, but it was seriously easy. And that was with just your run of the mill board – nothing special in terms of width. I say give it a go, you’ll like it.

      However, I’ll let myself be an all start if someone is willing to give me that badge. 🙂

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