I’m wireless again… and why I feel ridiculous

When I returned home at the end of the weekend I had come to find that my routers wireless connectivity died.  I suspected something like this was going to happen since it was disconnecting multiple times per day for the past couple months.

For a couple days I just used an Ethernet cable but it was not comfortable sitting on the floor 2 feet away from the router.  I also could not connect my printer, unless I constantly moved it back and forth from it’s sitting location, as that too is wireless.  Same goes for my Kindle that I couldn’t get library books off of because it’s easier to get through a wireless connection.

As I was searching for a new router to meet my needs it got me to thinking about how much I wanted to have Wi-Fi back.  Then I thought back to the time that my family’s computer lived in a computer cabinet and was connected to a phone line – which you could only use when someone is not on the phone.  Then I thought back to when we didn’t even have internet, and then to when we didn’t have a computer.  Then I thought it was pathetic about how important it was for me to find a router so swiftly because “I need to be connected.”  Seriously, how silly.

I wonder what would happen if suddenly my phone and internet and anything else that keeps me “connected” to the world were to go away.  I feel that obviously I could revert to normal life because I grew up without all this immediate connection; I mean, I didn’t even have a cell phone until I was almost 21!  However, I’m sad to say that I would miss being connected to the internet and having Pandora and knowing what my friends are up to… you know, because these days you can’t call and ask those things.

Without the being connected I wonder what else I would do to fill my time.  Maybe I would clean more, create more of my own recipes, work longer, or even read more books (which I read many).  Speaking of books, I just remembered I need to get to the library before it closes; I have a couple books waiting for me.

So for now I am glad that I have a Wi-Fi connection back, but I feel ridiculous for how much I wanted it.


2 thoughts on “I’m wireless again… and why I feel ridiculous

    • Well if I’m away and don’t have access, that doesn’t seem to bother me. Maybe it’s because I’m on vacation though. At home though, yes, trouble unplugging.

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