30 Days Sugar Free challenge

Well, I have decided that I’m going to give this 30 days sugar free challenge a shot.  I don’t think it’ll be that hard, but it means I’ll miss out on some yummy snacks at our annual company event in a couple weeks, and then at my teams meeting… and we always have delicious goodies.  One of my kids at work, when I told them I was going to try this, said, “I’ll bet $10 you won’t make it!”  And then another person agreed with him.  This definitely got a good laugh out of me and it just goes to show how well my kids know me.  I instead made a counter offer and told them that if I didn’t make it they could take me to the park and be my personal trainer.  Needless to say they thought that sounded pretty awesome.  The level of enthusiasm made me think that I better meet this challenge.

Anyway, I don’t think it’ll be that hard to avoid things without added sugar, but then again I just noticed that plain cheerios have added sugar.  What!  I had no idea that plane-jane cheerios had added sugar, considering it only has 1gram per serving.  I thought that was naturally occurring.  Guess not.

So, here’s to me meeting the challenge or being faced with teenagers who think it would be hilarious to make me work out until I can’t move.

One thought on “30 Days Sugar Free challenge

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