A surprise beach find and an ice cream boat

Over the weekend a friend and I decided to go to Sauvie Island after we hit up our local farmer’s market that we frequent.  We didn’t have anything else to do with a Saturday and she though it would be fun for her little boy to get to scope out a farm.

The farm ended up being nice and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they still had some u-pick blackberries.  Well, if you’ve read my post about how much I love berries then you’ll know I was very happy.

Anyway, after we left the farm my friend had heard of a beach that was around.  In the many years I’ve lived in the area I don’t know how I managed to go without knowing there was a nice little beach on the island.

From the farm we got directions from one of the staff but they ended up being completely unhelpful.  We ended up on this little gravel road that led to nothing and ended up having to turn around.  Once we got out our 3G started working again so we were able to Google-Map a beach.  It took us a bit to get there (which seems strange because it’s an island) but once we found it we were pleasantly surprised.

What we ended up stumbling upon was quite a lovely little beach.  We went out to the sand, stuck our toes in the water, and had a snack before heading back.  On the way home my friend said she wanted to get changed and then go back to the beach.  Well, and afternoon of swimming, you don’t have to convince me to go.  When we got back we gathered our stuff and then headed back to the Island.  We ended up spending the rest of the day lounging the sand, playing with her little boy, and I did some swimming.  The Columbia in that area was surprisingly warm for a river.  Surprisingly warm means I only spent about 10 seconds trying to catch my breath when I jumped in.

One of the great parts of the day was when we heard the standard ice cream truck music.  We looked around thinking we must be hearing things, but then out there on the water was none other than an ice cream boat!  An ice cream boat, what a brilliant idea!  Well, being that this was pretty nifty we of course had to have some ice cream to make the day even more wonderful (this was the day before my no sugar month).  Her little boy and I walked out into the water a bit and we waved over the ice cream boat.  What a nice treat on a warm beautiful day.  Probably the best part of the ice cream was watching her little boy get all sticky and have a great time with the fruit concoction he had.

Later on I tried to convince my friend’s son to play in the water with me but he was having none of that.  He mostly was sticking to his towel because he kept saying, “Hot” when his toes touched the sand.  At one point he was really sticky from his icy snack so I carried him out in the water up to my waist.  He wasn’t too sure what to think of at first and especially didn’t like it when I lowered us in a bit to get some of the sticky off.  I convinced him to splash around for about 15 seconds but then after that he decided he was done.  At least we tried.

The only bummer to the day was when a bee stung my friend.  I had been running about trying to get away from this very persistent bee that was trying to live in my hair.  Once the bee was gone I could relax a bit.  However, a few seconds later my friend exclaimed, “He just bit me.”  Turns out the bee had decided to go over her and snuck his way onto her leg, stinging her.  Thankfully no terrible problems other than swelling

Sometime in the early evening we decided it was probably time to head home and wrap up the day.  We were quite pleased with the beach we found and can’t believe we hadn’t spent the summer utilizing that.  Well, we won’t make that mistake again.  For now, if we have any warm weekend days ahead of us then I can imagine we might try to make another trip and spend the day lounging by the water.  I’m just glad we didn’t stumble upon the nude beach while we were looking for a place to play.  Yep, when I started searching Sauvie Island beaches later in the day, I realized that Oregon has a nude beach near the metro area.  I think I’ll stick to the clothing beach.

Beach 1


2 thoughts on “A surprise beach find and an ice cream boat

    • Thanks. 🙂 I was really surprised to see that we had a nude beach that close to the metro area. I can only imagine had we walked over the hill and then gazed down upon a naked volley ball game (which one of the websites mentioned)… it would be very odd.

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