30 days no sugar challenge – Update

I have discovered 3 things in the past four days regarding this no sugar thing.

1)   I really don’t crave sugary snacks that often.

2)   SO much food has added sugar.  Foods that shouldn’t have sugar, has sugar.

3)   My work has a ton of candy around!

I think the reason they call this a challenge is not to avoid sweets and all those types of foods, but to really make you recognize the poor shape of our food supply.  For example, the other day I was making a piece of toast with my organic whole wheat bread from New Seasons Market.  I had eaten a quarter of it before I thought, “Maybe I should check the label.”  Sure enough, honey was an ingredient.  And ok, honey isn’t as blood sugar spiking as white sugar, but still!  Why do you have to have a sweetener in bread?  Bread is amazing on it’s own. [I still love their ciabatta bread.  I hope that is sans sugar.]

Then today I got to one of my programs and there were some extra sausages.  Cool, I’ll have one, no problem.  After I ate it I was thinking, “No, they wouldn’t put sugar in sausage.”  Grab the box and check it out.  Yep, sugar in the sausage!  How ridiculous.

Other foods that have sugar: mayo, plain cheerios, basic salad dressings, wheat crackers, Worcestershire sauce (though I should have known that), wine (it’s a good thing I don’t like sweet wine), plus a million others.  I also noticed that it’s actually hard to find bread in the store that doesn’t have sugar as an added ingredient.

Something else I’ve also learned in the past week is that sourdough bread actually has a lower glycemic value than wheat bread.  Meaning it doesn’t spike your blood sugar the same way.  I’m pretty sure I heard a Biochem professor mention this years ago, but didn’t give it much thought.  Though now I’m intrigued.

With that new find, if you look at the no sugar challenge as a health check, it would be great for people who have pre-diabetes or a history of diabetes in the family to give it a try. Finding ways to keep your blood sugar in check is the main goal (while also being healthy in other ways).   So now I want to search more into the glycemic index and figure some more stuff out.  For now, I’m very happy to switch to sourdough bread considering it’s my second favorite (after Ciabatta) because that’s what my parents were fans of during breakfasts out.  Not to mention – you get way better toast with sourdough than with whole wheat.  I bet it would be delicious with my homemade peanut butter… or one of my chocolate chip cookies, but that can wait until October.

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