Swiss Chard Roll-ups

Last night I wasn’t really hungry but figured I should probably eat something.  I had a collection of veggies in my fridge I wanted to use up so I knew that was a starting point.  I also had some chard that needed to be used soon, and then I’ve had a couple potatoes in my vegetable dish for a bit.  So looking at all these ingredients I wasn’t sure what I was going to make out of them.  What I came up with ended up being something I enjoyed.

Now, if you’ve read some of my other recipes then you’ll know I’m not big on a lot of spices and I like foods natural taste.  So this again has very few spices and I’m sure it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.  Though if you like random veggies thrown together I do think it’s a decent easy meal.


  • Minced vegetables.  I had some summer squash and bell pepper that I steamed earlier in the week.
  • ½ sweet onion
  • 2 red potatoes (I’m sure any potato would be fine)
  • Swiss chard leaves
  • 1 garlic clove
  • paprika
  • (Serving size – varies on what you want to eat – I made 3 large roll-ups but could have easily made 2-3 more)


First I started by mincing the vegetables in my food processor.  I just pulsed them a few times until they were nice little pieces.  Once those were done I set them aside.

minced veggies

Next I sliced the onion and put it in a pan with a little bit of butter (maybe 1 tablespoon, if that).  I sautéed these on low heat until they were nice and brown.  This part takes a bit.  Essentially you’re caramelizing them but without adding any sugar.

Then I crushed some garlic and sautéed that in a small pan for a few minutes.

While the onions were cooking I peeled, chopped, and boiled the potatoes.  Once those were done I drained them and added the garlic and some paprika (your eyes can your own judge on how much you want).  I used my trusty hand mixer (if you have read that post, yes I still have that mixer) and beat the potatoes until they were nice and creamy.  Set aside.

Wash the chard and then pat dry.  I did not blanch the chard because I was lazy and didn’t want to get out another pan.  Though if they were blanched it would of course make the leaves moldable.

Once the chard was dried off I then started layering my ingredients near the top end of the leave.  I did a layer of potatoes, followed by veggies, and then topped it off with the onions.  Once you have your layers roll them up and you’re ready to go.

chard roll 4

chard roll 2

chard roll 3


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