6 months later… foot still hurts

Back in the spring I had an injury to my foot and I wrote a blog post about it taking too long to heal.  Today, I think I have come to the resolve that it’s just not going to fully get better.

Here we are, half a year later, and the past couple days it has been flaring up quite a bit.  I go through periods where it feels ok, but I can still feel the tender spots, and then I go through periods where it feels like it’s a fresh injury.  The fresh injury feeling would be what’s happening right now.

What’s strange about this is that I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary to make it flare up.  At least that I can think of.   Do I stay completely off of it like I should?  No. But I think that’s also unrealistic.  I finally reached the point where I no longer ice it off and on everyday, and I eventually had to resume normal activities.  Upon resuming those normal activities it wasn’t getting any worse and it wasn’t really bothering me, so I just kept doing what was normal.  I’m sure serious athletes out there and doctors are recoiling at my words… but I never said I was a sports-injury role model. 🙂

The only thing I can think that may have changed is that I took about a 3-week break (maybe a month) from running.  Then the other day I went for a run and the next day did some sprints.  I’m wondering if sporadic running is making the injury nag at me.  For example, months ago I was running everyday for at least 3 miles – my foot did not hurt then like it does now.

So, my completely ridiculous conclusion that I know isn’t right, is that I just need to run everyday and eventually the increased pain will go away and I’ll go back to baseline.

I’m sure the correct answer would be to go back to my doctor and get a re-evaluation… like I was told to do if it didn’t get better.  They said if it didn’t get better then the answer would be a boot.  Well, I cannot realistically see myself taking 6 weeks off from my favorite cardio activities.  So I’ll leave the boot with the doctor.

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