Slow morning with a workout and some delicious tea

This morning I woke up at a nice and early 4:45 am… thanks to my cat.  Pushed her aside and went back to bed.  Then I slept in until a whopping 5:30!

So I pulled myself out of bed, not really wanting to workout, but knowing I needed to.

Gathered my awesome workout gear… wait, this morning I wore all black.  That’s not exiting.  Ah well, pop on some pink shoes.

Got myself to the gym and figured I would do some weights:

  • 180lb (plus whatever the starting platform weighs) leg press – 2×15
  • 90lb hip adduction – 2×15
  • 50lb leg extension 1×15
  • 65lb leg extension 1×15
  • 80lb hip abduction 2×15
  • 50lb row 2×15
  • 130lb back extension 2×15

I knew I should have started with cardio.

Got my running shoes on with full intentions of doing 8.5 speed with 20-on-20-off sprints.  Both machines I tried kept sticking and I was being jerked around.  Figured that was a good sign to not do sprints.  Or maybe I wanted it to be a sign… 😉

Hopped onto the elliptical and did 30 minutes.  Time to go home.

I think the dragging this morning was due to our weather.  Our rainy weather has officially returned in the metro area.  For the past 3 months most mornings when I looked outside all I could see was sunshine and a forecast of amazing weather.  Not typical for an Oregon summer (at least consistent hot weather).  So I relished in the nice summer weather and now we’re back to consistent clouds and rain.  I’m sure we’ll get some more sunshine in there, we always do, but the transition from one to the other can be tough.  Pretty soon though I’m sure I’ll be saying how much I love rain and fall boots and nice cozy sweaters.  Plus, rain means snow.  Snow means skiing and snowboarding.  Both of which I love very much.

So after the workout I figured I’d have some breakfast.  Berry smoothie anyone? Why thank-you, I do think I’ll help myself.  This smoothie is the exact same as my last post, but has boysenberry’s from my parents house.  So delicious.

smoothie red

After the smoothie I brewed up some green tea, with peppermint and licorice root.  If you haven’t had that combination you should definitely give it a try.  I decided taking a drink not too long after it brewed would be wise.  The back of my throat I’m sure feels different – as it’s now singed and sensitive.  Oh well, it still tastes good.  Pop in a couple ice-cubes, draw up a bubble bath, grab a book, and the day is looking pretty good.  Now it’s time to go shopping!  I need a shirt my for my new skirt I’m wearing to girls-night with my lovely ladies.

This is my favorite tea cup.  If any tea connoisseurs are out there reading this, I’m sure they think this tea cup is an abomination.  Oh well, it has goofy on the front and came from Disneyland.  How can it not be awesome?

tea cup front

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