Friday workout & No Sugar Update

First off, if you read my last post you would know that I downloaded iOS7 last night.  For the most part I really like it but there are a couple features I’m not fond of.  First the new look of messages.  It looks like I’m in grade school and using cartoon thought bubbles.  To me that is the look of most droids I’ve seen and I wish apple had stuck to its clean message look.

The second one actually has to do with my workout.  I downloaded a bunch of new songs the other night that I wanted to use for running this morning.  When I went to create a new playlist on my iPhone I then had trouble finding songs I wanted.  I could only search for them based on song or artist.  I couldn’t search by playlist while I was creating a new playlist.  Maybe I can figure out how to change up my music screen, but it was still annoying.  So I ended up adding the songs I could find and then started with my workout.



  • 5 min @ 6.5 (too slow)
  • 5 min @ 7.0 (should have started with that)
  • 10 min @ 8.5 with 20 on 20 off (this actually felt slightly too easy and I should have done 9.0)
  • 2 minutes @ 10.0 15 on 15 off
  • Run it out at 7.0 to finish


  • Back extension – 130lb 3×10
  • Shoulder press – 20lb 3×10
  • Lateral Raise – 20lbs 3×10
  • Bicep curl – 40lbs 2×15
  • Triceps – 40lbs 3×10


Ok, so as I look at the weight section it looks like I was being lazy this morning and only doing a few exercises.  I’ll have to fix that over the weekend.  After that I finished up the morning with 30 minutes on the elliptical, came home and had scrambled eggs and banana with peanut butter for breakfast.

Anyway, onto the no sugar update.  So I’m at day 20 and I’ve only had those two days with a sugar item.  The first being last week when a co-worker brought some of her wedding cake and we shared that.  Then the other being when I made the apple pie and had to test half of a piece to make sure it was good. 😉  So because of those two days I’m not even sure I can call it 30 days sugar free, but oh well.  Yesterday I had a craving for something chocolaty but once it passed I was good.  I did have a Lindt truffle in my desk (dark chocolate) but figured I’d just save that until October 1st. 🙂

I’m still thinking the bonus of not consuming anything with sugar is that I’m not hungry like usual.  It’s nice to go through the day not craving something sweet and only feeling hungry at meal times.   There’s only 10 days left now and I’m sure it’ll be just as easy as the first 20, but we shall see.  Maybe I’ll eventually crack if tempted enough!

Mmm, my chocolate chip cookies!

choc chip cookies

2 thoughts on “Friday workout & No Sugar Update

    • It actually wasn’t that hard. When I do short intervals I should really make sure I’m at least at 9 or raise incline. But it does make you sweat. I’m not sure what the distance was bc my Nike sportband was out of battery this morning (I haven’t used it in awhile :(). I glanced down at the treadmill towards the end and it was over 3 miles. As far as distance actually run, I’m not sure. I’ll have to see if my sportband will work for that next time.

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