Holy Grapes, Batman! And… I cracked…

First off, I am exhausted.

My weekend consisted of teaching from 8-5 on both Saturday and Sunday, plus a 45min-1hr drive each way.  Not to mention the regular weekend errands that needed to be done.  Needless to say, I did not get a workout in on either day.  Boo.

Monday and Tuesday I will be teaching the same class but it will at least be in town.  So I fully expect myself to be present in Zumba tomorrow!

Teaching ended up being really great this weekend and I had a wonderful class.  The class I teach is a training so it’s the same every time.  Class personality can make or break the day and they were definitely a great class. They were people I think it would be fun to spend time with outside of work just chatting and playing games.

Anyway, today after class I got some new windshield wipers (which I needed last rainy season but never got around to) and wow, they are amazing.  Who knew windshield wipers did such a great job at clearing the window. 🙂

I also brought home MORE home-grown grapes.

grapes 2

In addition to the grapes I brought home last weekend.  Hello frozen grapes!

fruit batch 1

So, the not so great part of the weekend… Brownies.

On Friday night I was playing board games with my friends (which we do often) and after we had dinner someone mentioned cookies.  They sounded so good so I said, “I’ll break my no sugar thing for making cookies.”  Naturally that got a bit of a laugh.  I think earlier in this challenge I decided that it’s actually better to just watch the main food supply for sugar, and that snacks are ok. But I was still going to try and finish out the 30 days.

Well, we ended up not making cookies… we had brownies instead.  Who can say no to brownies?  I’m sure I could have but I didn’t want to.

Two and a half brownies later and they were delicious.  Two and a half hour later, I decided I really dislike eating sugary things.  My stomach ended up hurting from eating something so rich and I’m really ok if I don’t have brownies for a while.

I also ended up having a beer that night which is something I NEVER do.  I typically will take a few sips from friends but a whole one is just out of the question.  One of the varieties though was Shock Top Honey crisp Apple Wheat.  If you haven’t had it, it’s delicious.

So, the combination of the beer and the rich brownies was just too much and I’m good to go with not having sweets for another long period of time.  Rather than no sugar for 30 days, it’s more reasonable to just not buy things with added sugar and then have desserts sparingly.

Ok, I’m about to fall asleep at the computer.  Hopefully I can catch up on some sleep and then post some good workouts that I do during the week. 🙂

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