A power outage, a half-baked quiche and a fire engine

First off, the half-baked quiche and the fire truck are not directly related.  Thank-goodness.  The power outage on the other hand is the culprit.

In the lovely northwest we’ve been having quite the significant rainfall.  I believe we broke the record for September and last I checked we were at 4.72 (probably more with all the rain last night).  The storm also brought with it some really heavy winds.  I had been thinking earlier in the day that I should buy a new candle lighter since mine has been out for sometime.  Well, I should have followed through on that.

Around 7:30pm or so on Sunday night the lights flickered once, twice, three times and then they were out.  Talk about dark!  Luckily the nice woman downstairs had a candle lighter she let me borrow and pretty soon I was able to see without the use of the flashlight on my phone.  I did however only have tea light candles.  By the time I was done light them I had 41 glimmering nicely!

After the candles were lit I was on the phone with my dad and mentioned I heard a fire engine down the road.  A few minutes later it pulled right outside my window.  I’m wondering if someone was walking when the lights went out and fell.  I hope they’re ok.

Now that I had inspected the fire engine and had the candles lit, it was time to think about the quiche in my oven.  I hadn’t been keeping track of how long it had been in before the power went out so I let it sit in the oven.  About 20 minutes later I took it out thinking it was probably closed to being cooked by that time.  It needed a bit more time but it was cooked enough that it wouldn’t be ruined before the power came back on.

While I was waiting for the power to come back on I read on my kindle (hello paperwhite version) and just relaxed.  About an hour after the initial outage the lights came back on.  I heated the oven and baked the quiche just a bit longer.  It’s quite delicious if I do say so myself (I’ll have another post on that).

Once the quiche was done it was time for bed and onto a good nights sleep.

2 thoughts on “A power outage, a half-baked quiche and a fire engine

    • The candles were very nice! They were spread throughout a few rooms so it didn’t seem like that many were lit. I probably didn’t need to light so many, but it was fun. And yes, so glad the quiche didn’t get ruined. Had it been only 10 minutes or so in then I would have been concerned.

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