Weekend update… and I’m now inspired to run more

This weekend finally felt relaxing and like I had a decent little break from work.  Definitely making a note to take a day off soon.

I started out on Saturday by going to the farmers market for some more lovely fall veggies.  I ended up finding a great butternut squash and can’t wait to make it into a tasty soup.  They also had some lovely orange cauliflower and some purple carrots.  This weeks dinners are going to be delicious.

In the later part of the morning I went to the Portland Marathon expo to get some inspiration to start running again.

My other goal at the expo was to get some compression sleeves.  This proved a good strategy and I found a pair.  As my friends would say: “Those are very Katie.”

compression sleeves

In evening my family and I met my dad’s sister’s family at Lucky Lab Beer Hall.  We had a great time catching up, eating some delicious pizza and playing darts.

We talked a bit about my cousin running the Portland Marathon on Sunday (something he does most years) and it made me want to run another marathon.  We’re going to try and talk my other cousin, his sister, into running the Portland next year so we can all have fun together.  He runs seriously fast though so he’ll finish WAY ahead of us.  Right now his sister isn’t buying into the full marathon thing, but I’m thinking we can make it happen.

This means I now need to start doing real running again.  Not this sporadic stuff I’ve been doing lately.

That brings us to Sunday.  My cousin’s goal for the marathon was to finish in under 3 hours.  His last marathon was 3:01 – which helped him get into Boston for 2014.  🙂

I headed out in the morning to hop on the max to get downtown.  Once the train arrived at Pioneer Square it was stopped for a bit.  An announcement came on saying the police were dealing with something up ahead so we would be waiting.  I decided to get out and just walk the rest of the way.

marathon day 2 copy

I ended up passing the police issue and well, it involved a guy sitting on the ground that had taken his pants off and was surrounded by 4 officers.  Hmm.

As I was getting closer to the finish area I instantly felt inspired to run again.  The weather was also amazing today which was a  nice break from the crazy rain we’ve been having.

marathon day 3 copy

At mile 26 they had a band that was helping move the runners along.

marathon cover 1

marathon day 5 copy

Once I got to the ending area I noticed that the finish line area was closed off.  I think this is the first time this has happened (tell me if I’m wrong).  It’s sad that now people can’t stand at the end and cheer their family and friends on as they cross the line.  Especially since that’s also where people’s names are read.

Since the finish line wasn’t happening I ended up finding a great little spot to watch the runners.

The Portland Marathon also holds a half and around 9:30-10am there was a lot of half marathoners coming through the stretch.  I watched numerous people that clearly had leg cramps and it took me back to my last marathon.  Ouch.  I empathized with them.

Finally I saw my cousin, who was cruising along and making running look effortless.   I need to find a way to make running that easy! [I didn’t tell him I was putting his pic online… hopefully he doesn’t mind.]

marathon day 6 copy

As for his time… I met up with he, his sister and my aunt and heard that he’d finished in… 2:59!  Seriously, I’m impressed. That’s pretty darn amazing.

I must now plan a gym trip because I need to start getting a plan together on how to run faster. 🙂

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