Tips for running with long hair?

Do you remember yesterday in my post when I said I wasn’t going to continue letting work get in the way of every day life?  Well, yesterday was apparently not the day for that to start.  It was a more challenging day with one of my kids and once I left, late, I then had paperwork to fill out.  So unfortunately I missed Zumba.  But at least I had the morning workout to get me through. 🙂

This morning I did another 3 miles at the gym and plan on doing yoga tonight.  The treadmill workout this morning was anything but easy.  I ran at the same pace I have been, but I think yesterdays work day was still lingering.  I told myself stopping wasn’t an option though and eventually I hit the three miles.  I’m sure that after a good night sleep tonight, tomorrow’s workout will be great.

So onto my question for long hair runners out there: Does anyone have any tips of what to do with your hair when working out?  I’m getting tired of it slapping me in the back repeatedly.  I typically have long hair but only recently started wearing tank tops more often when working out.  Which is why I never really noticed before how much long hair flops about.

I’m going to try putting it in a bun with about 50 bobby pins, but I’m thinking that might not do the trick.  The easy option would of course to be cut it again, which I’m close to doing, but right now doesn’t seem like the right time.

So if anyone out there has any long hair running tips, send them my way. 🙂


long hair


4 thoughts on “Tips for running with long hair?

    • The person below also suggested braids. I’ll give them a shot, though I’m not sure how I feel about them. To start with I’m not a braid person at all, I don’t like them even a little bit. However, I do wear them when I ski or snowboard because it’s how to keep it under control. I do wonder though, if wearing them for running, doesn’t that just make the hair thicker which means it would slap around even worse? 🙂 I’ll keep you posted though when I give it a shot. I’m thinking thursday will probably be a good day to test it out.

  1. I’ve heard braids are good (as the comment above says)…I also find that if I do a super-low ponytail, it does a fairly unobtrusive swishing rather than the annoying back-and-forth slapping. Also, thank you for this post; I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks about ponytail physics! 🙂

  2. Currently I wear my hair in a super low pony tail and it still dives me crazy! It could be that I’m just too sensitive to the feeling and need to get over it. 🙂 I’ll am going to try variations on how though now, see if one low spot is better than the other. Maybe this combined with the 50 bobby pins will help out! And yes, you’re definitely not the only one who thinks about ponytail physics. Hair is always something we’re trying to manage during our workouts. 🙂

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