15 miles in

Happy Thursday!  Today is the 3 year mark since I ran my last full marathon!  That’s much too long and I’m glad I have a plan to run another one in October of next year.  My last marathon time was 5:24 (yeah, too slow) and I’m thinking I can only improve on that, so I look forward to the challenge.

Today I started my day with another gym workout.  At the end of my workout my watch said I hit 15.86 miles so far for the week.  If we’re going by the treadmill, then it’s 13.  Either way it feels nice to be consistently moving my legs again.  Definitely not going back to the sporadic runs.

Yesterday I did a tempo run and for some reason it was not easy.  All the other days of running, and today, felt pretty good; but yesterday was a challenge.  On Sunday I have a 4 mile run to put in and I’m hoping that it will be one of those runs where I feel like I can run forever.  Though I will stop at 4 miles since I’m just now being consistent with running again. 🙂

Aside from working out, last night was the first night in quite some time when I was home at a reasonable hour. It felt great!  It gave me the opportunity to make a couple meals that I’m hoping turned out well.  One of them is a chicken and bean soup with a salsa base (cooked in the crockpot), and the other is a stuffed chicken breast.  I’ll post about those over the weekend if they turn out to be tasty.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.  Any fun plans for the weekend?

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