8×400 – Treadmill workout

Today’s morning workout went really well as I typically enjoy interval workouts.

Since I was on the treadmill the times for the quarters were done @ 7.5, and the recovery between was done @ 5.0.   The total time for the workout was almost exactly 30 minutes. Here’s the plan:

@5.0 until .25
Round 1 .50
Round 2 0.88
Round 3 1.26
Round 4 1.64
Round 5 2.02
Round 6 2.40
Round 7 2.78
Round 8 3.16 Finish


I followed-up the treadmill workout with some stairs and then had a nice little breakfast of a blueberry and yogurt smoothie.


5 thoughts on “8×400 – Treadmill workout

    • The smoothie was definitely delicious, and may have also been followed up with a piece of sourdough bread and peanut butter :). The workout on the treadmill was just basic I think. It was an 8 minute mile for a total of 2 miles and then just rest in between. I think one of my problems is that I expect a lot out myself, so I never feel like a half an hour is enough of a workout. 🙂

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