6 miles and a try at bouldering

Since I last posted I ended up taking 3 ½ days off from working out this week due to being extremely tired.

The last time I posted was on Wednesday and I mentioned I didn’t even finish that run because I so tired.  Turns out I had reached some weird exhaustion point.  I didn’t even make it to work that day.  I had a training in the morning which I attended and then promptly went home to sleep.

In trying to figure out why I was so tired, there are a couple possibilities. 1) I am low on iron (highly likely) 2) I had a bug that was dragging me down.  Either way, I’m back to feeling like I can move around again and that’s quite nice.

Today started off with a 6 mile run per the training program.  I decided to go ahead and do this run despite missing 2 runs earlier in the week.  I felt really great this morning and it felt like I could get those 6 miles no problem.

After running I came home and watched the Basel Tennis Final between Federer and Del Potro; my two favorite players.  I always enjoy a good tennis match.

After tennis I met my friend so we could try bouldering for the first time.  I typically enjoy rock walls but thought it would be fun to try bouldering since it’s all rope free.

Bouldering blog

During the time we were there we stuck to the first and second easiest routes; I think my friend tried one of the ones above that.

I was able to make it up quite a few routes and definitely hit a few that I need to try again.  I like the routes that I could get high up on, though it’s definitely a weird feeling not being attached to a rope.  The cool part of bouldering is, nothing is so high that you’ll really hurt yourself if you fall and, the floor is made for falls.  I utilized that quite a bit.

The photos below are from one of the overhangs that I liked.  The finger grabs on this route were great so that helped a lot.  Other than this overhang, I definitely struggled at the others that had an angle. Something to work on, right? 🙂

So to finish up, I can safely say that bouldering is a killer workout and hopefully I’ll be able to go again.

Now it’s time to get some work done!

bouldering blog 2


bouldering blog 3


7 thoughts on “6 miles and a try at bouldering

    • Oh definitely do give it a try, both of them! I like rock walls in order to get the height but bouldering is nice because it’s really working on strength. Plus, there’s not need for belaying so you could go by yourself and have a great time getting a nice workout.

    • My college had one as well, but I too don’t think I used it. I know I would always do the demo’s that were around, or would climb them on volunteer nights, but never went on my own. Every year work has an event and it’s in a location that has a rock wall so I make good use of that. This bouldering though is much better. I enjoyed it because there was no wait time for someone to belay and if you call you just tuck and roll. 🙂 You should definitely give it a try. I was looking up bouldering gyms earlier and for some reason a Colorado gym popped up in my list! HA

    • Ahahaha. Throwing a boulder would be hard. I don’t think I’d throw a boulder at your or mom though… but if I did, hopefully you’d see it coming. 🙂

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