I lied… today is the new level of soreness!

Apparently I lied yesterday when I said I’d reached new levels of soreness.  That my friends, would clearly be a title reserved for today.

Yesterday afternoon I started feeling my abs becoming sore, shortly followed by my forearms.  By the afternoon it hurt to laugh, sneeze, and open a drawer. By the end of the evening it hurt to do any sort of small movement with my upper body.  It even hurt to pump soap!  Yes, my forearm was aching that much.  So crazy.

It also hurts to raise my arm above my shoulder, wash my hair, etc. HAHA.  All this soreness makes me want to continue bouldering because I should not be sore like this.  I clearly need to utilize these muscle groups more often.

As for this morning, this new level of being sore was definitely making it hard to run.  You’d think that upper body wouldn’t play into it much, but boy did it.

With every step I could feel how sore my muscles were.  My lats probably being the worst.  Not to mention when you run you swing your arms, so that’s engaging upper body muscles all over the place.  All of that equals “ouch!”

Despite being fairly uncomfortable I managed to get out the 4.5 miles I needed per the training schedule, though it was not quick.  But there’s always tomorrow, yeah? 🙂

Tomorrow will consist of a 9×400 run which I’m hoping to do a 5.0 and 7.5 pace again on the treadmill.  Then in the evening there’s a Halloween scavenger run at a small shop in town.  So I guess I need to take today and really stretch it out since tomorrow will be busy.

I wonder if my post on Thursday morning will be, “Oh dear…”


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