5k Scavenger Run Review

Yesterday was a fun day of two different runs.

I did a 9×400 tempo run in the morning per the 10k training plan (my intervals are below), and then in the evening went to a 5k Halloween scavenger run at Foot Traffic.

I’ve been to a few other scavenger runs before (First Thursday in Portland) but this one was a bit different.  I was used to the courses where they put up a big sign and you run to the as many locations and back within an allotted amount of time.

This run was set up as a 5k course with a couple stops along the way to collect raffle tickets.  You also predict your time and get extra raffle tickets if you’re right on or within a certain window.  My friend and I did 35 minutes to take into consideration all the stops; we finished in 32:47, no extra raffle tickets.

Now I’m going to share my thoughts about this run:

The positive:

  • Good snacks afterwards and they had beer.  I tried some and did not like it, but my friend enjoyed the beer so drank mine as well.
  • A kid who was about 13 came up to the beer station as asked if he could have something to drink.  HA, it was cute.  My friend told him nice try.  I think hey may have thought they had something else.
  • Got some exercise!
  • It was free!

The not so positive:

  • RSVP’ers did not get what they said they would:  My friend and I sent an RSVP because it said the first 100 would get free socks.  We were definitely well before the first 100 but we did not get any socks.  In fact, I don’t think anyone got socks.
  • There was no sign in sheet when we got there, which means they didn’t keep track of people so the RSVP was ridiculous.  I felt there should have been a list of people who signed up and if you’re on the list you’re allowed to participate.
  • 200 people field max: There were definitely more than 200 people.
  • Was supposed to start at 6pm.  A TON of people got there much too close to 6pm and they then waited for everyone to sign the waiver.  Again, this could have been taken care of if there was a list of people.  The run didn’t even start until 6:20pm.
  • About the raffle: If you finished in a later time you were lucky because they mostly drew numbers off the top and didn’t shake up the bowl much. I was standing with an entire group of people who had a certain set of numbers that had finished the 5k within 30 or so minutes.  People kept telling them to shake the bowl or dig deeper into the pile.  I think only 6 raffle tickets were called from our tickets.
  • I happened to be in a group of REALLY obnoxious people when I was waiting around during the raffle.  They were loud, yelling, yelling at the raffle person, etc.  I think they knew the person doing the raffle, but it was still annoying.  And by the looks on people’s faces around me I was not the only one who thought so.

Overall, I was glad I went because it gave me a chance to run outside, which is something I don’t do often because I don’t have anyone to run with.  It also means I got some more exercise and I can never complain about that.  I’m not sure I would do this again, but you never know.  Maybe if it was a bit better organized then I’d give it a shot.

Alright, here’s my 9×400 tempo run.  It’s the same run from my 8×400 but with an added interval.

@5.0 until .25
Round 1 .50
Round 2 0.88
Round 3 1.26
Round 4 1.64
Round 5 2.02
Round 6 2.40
Round 7 2.78
Round 8 3.16
Round 9 3.54

Question to you all out there: Has anyone had a similar experience with a disorganized event or have any experience with scavenger run crowds?

2 thoughts on “5k Scavenger Run Review

  1. I’ve actually been fairly lucky in the races that I’ve run. The longest I’ve ever been delayed was about 15 minutes for a women’s 5k…which seemed long considering I would only been running about 26-27 minutes, but in the end wasn’t so bad!

    • Ha, I agree. It does seem to be delayed by half the time it’ll take to run the event. 🙂 It wasn’t so bad in the end as at least I got a workout in, but I’m a super organized person. Not only am I organized, I help kids organize their thoughts and lives, etc. So when I encounter something that is unorganized it really drives me up the wall. 🙂

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