Relaxing weekend and some interesting sights

This weekend was pretty nice.  For a basic run down:

  • I completely relaxed
  • I was able to organize!
  • Got a run in
  • Saw an offensive sign
  • Finally went grocery shopping (and subsequently made a delicious chicken, recipe coming)
  • Saw a parent that annoyed me
  • Did something cool (which I’ll blog about later)

So to start!

I started out my Saturday by finally organizing my small amount of tools and nails/screws.  I’ve been meaning to do this for about 4 years, but for some reason just never got around to it.  I think last month the power went out and I couldn’t find my flashlight, was probably the last straw.

So I headed down home depot and found a great little tool box and an organizing case for the smaller pieces.  Everything worked out perfectly and now I’ll be able to find my screw driver and flashlights next time I need them.  Plus, I won’t have nails falling into my drawers.

11 03 13 b

I also made a little homemade paper box that I’m putting rubber band and odds and ends in for one of my kitchen drawers.  Also nice to not have to search for this.  Here are the directions to make one of those cool little boxes.

11 03 13 a

Once that was done I settled down for some movies and watched Iron Man and Notting Hill (one of my all time faves!).

After that I went to workout but for some reason it just didn’t go well.  I couldn’t seem to make my legs move the way I want.  So I got a 1 ½ mile run in and then did some other cardio.

For my workout this morning I did 3.1 miles, weights, and some elliptical.  Today’s workout felt SO much better.

The workout leads me to the offensive sign.  In the locker room at my gym there is suddenly a large whiteboard saying, “Want to be a hot mom? Sign up now for more info.”  I saw this on Saturday and by Sunday morning there were still no names on the list.

I wish that this sign wasn’t in a locker room because I would have loved to take a picture of it.   The sign implies you can’t be a hot mom unless you somehow get really fit.  Don’t get me wrong – being fit is great, but being healthy is more important.  Also, why can’t people look for the beauty in a person regardless of the way they look? I normally don’t care much about “look good naked” type of advertising, but geeze this sign annoyed me.

Moving on.  Today, after again being irritated by that sign, I watched Iron Man 2, went and did something cool (you’ll see later) and then went to a movie.  See, it’s a movie weekend!

I saw “About Time” and really enjoyed it.  The movie itself is a bit slow and doesn’t have a real climax, but at the same time there was something lovely and great about it.   Seems to fall in line with many of the other movies I love, so I’d definitely watch it again.

I’m now out of free movie tickets; hopefully I’ll get some more this coming week because next weekend is… Thor: The Dark World.  I’ll definitely be seeing that.

After the movie leads me to tell you about the annoying parent I saw.

I was in line at the grocery store and this woman had her child, about 6 months old, in a stroller.  I looked over and the baby is in a onesie.. and just that!  No socks, no pants, no jacket, no hat.  I should mention, it was in the low 50’s outside.  Meanwhile, mom is in her sweatshirt and warm clothes.  If I try to look on the other side of this, maybe she was going to quickly transfer the child to a warm car… I hope!

Anyway, moving on from that.

Once I got home I read a bit of “The Lord of The Rings” and then stated dinner.  I made a quite tasty roasted chicken which I’ll post a recipe for later.

Now it’s time to clean the kitchen (I made quite the mess) and then do some more reading before bed.

Here’s to feeling like I used my weekend wisely and can meet Monday head on – accomplished and relaxed!


4 thoughts on “Relaxing weekend and some interesting sights

    • Right! I could not believe this sign. I hope no one signs up just because of how offensive it could be. I mean, I’m not one to complain about this stuff, but for some reason this just gets to me! Ugh. Why couldn’t the sign say: “Want to keep up with your kids,” or “Learn to be healthy for your family.” It also doesn’t help that I’m guessing it was the managers idea. For reference, he looks like one of those guys who is SO into fitness and cares about almost nothing else. He calls himself, “Mr. Intensity.” Not joking. In his cycle class he goes around tightening people’s bike resistance. Normally this would not bother me as well, except he doesn’t seem to care if you ask him not to. Years ago my heart arrhythmia (gone now) was giving me a bad time so I was keeping it a certain level, without having arrhythmia’s that bugged me, but still getting a great workout in. I refuse to go to his cycle class now.

      • Seriously. I almost want to complain about this sign to the manager, which is something I wouldn’t do. Oh, and this morning at the gym there was 1 person signed up not he list. I noticed at the bottom of the sign it also says you get a free training session if you sign up, so I’m hoping the person signed up just for that reason.

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