100th Post! Why the toaster went pyro

When Toasters Go Pyro.  What kind of a name is that for a blog?  What could the blog possibly be about?  Why would someone name his or her blog this?

A little over a year ago when I wanted to start a blog, I had no idea what I wanted it to be about.  As of today I’m still not 100% sure what I want it to be about.  All I know is that I enjoy writing and wanted to write non-work related things.

Since I had no real direction for the blog I just put it out to a few friends and family to suggest names.  I got a couple good answers (and only corny ones I thought of) but one suggestion made me laugh so much that it was a serious contender.

My friend made the recommendation of “When Toasters Go Pyro” due to living with me for a year and realizing all my weird tendencies.

Not too long after we were living together he realized that I would unplug the toaster every day before leaving the house.  One day he asked why, or maybe it was more of a “you’re weird statement,” so I gave the answer: “Remember when you were in grade school and they would have the firemen come around to talk about fire safety?  Well, one thing I always remembered them saying was to make sure the toaster was unplugged before leaving the house because they can catch on fire.”  Since that day I always have to make sure the toaster is unplugged before I leave the house.  This definitely got an eye-roll and some other smartass [but appreciated] comment from my friend.

Since that was such an out of the blue moment, along with most of my other thoughts, the blog title fit really well.  It’s different, appears random, and could mean anything.  Enter Katie.

The best part of the story… A couple years later my friend messaged me and said, “Guess what, my lamp started sparking today out of the blue.”

My first thought… Make sure your appliances are in good working order kids and don’t leave things plugged in when it’s not necessary.

Thanks firemen of America for teaching our youth fire safety from a young age… my friend might need another lesson. 🙂


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