Turkey, Quinoa, and Tortilla Bake

If I’m like some of you out there, I’ve got turkey come out of my ears thanks to Thanksgiving.  This has left me wondering what I’m going to do with all this turkey.

Even throwing out a little bit is an absolute no-no; I feel guilty when food is tossed out because I think of others who don’t have the luxury of having the “problem” of having too much food.  It seems disrespectful to waste food when people have to go without; which is a big reason I budget and grocery shop the way I do.  All in the planning!

Anyway, this means everything I make with all this leftover turkey (and boy is there a lot) means it also needs to be able to frozen or eaten within a few days.

Last night I was searching through the cupboards and thought I hit on something that may just work.

This is how I came up with “Turkey and Quinoa “Enchiladas?”  The enchiladas is a question mark becuae I don’t even know if that’s what you can call these.  Maybe turkey and quinoa roll-up?  Turkey and quinoa tortilla bake?  Actually, that one doesn’t sound bad.

Anyway, the only thing I didn’t have in my house was some type of sauce to pour on top of the tortillas when baking.  So I set out to the store to purchase a can of cream of mushroom, knowing this makes a delicious tortilla bake topper.

Well folks, when I saw the sodium content of cream of mushroom (even in the low sodium version) I almost had a coronary.  I promptly marched myself right out of the market and figured I’d have to go with the “whatever I have at home” route.  This has worked out fairly well in the past so I wasn’t too concerned.

What ended up being throw together was actually really good.  I didn’t even have any right out of the oven as I put it in the fridge and had some for lunch today. Quite a delicious leftover.


  • 4 tortillas (I used La Tortilla Low Carb wraps)
  • Diced turkey (or chicken), already cooked
  • Salsa
  • Quinoa, cooked
  • Cheese
  • Milk

How it came together:

Heat oven to 350F

First I cooked the quinoa by putting 1 ½ cups of water on the stove and heating to boiling, then putting in 1 cup of quinoa, reducing the temp to simmer, and leaving it for 15 minutes.  [You will have leftover quinoa, which can then be used for many other recipes.  I also find that quinoa freezes well and can be used later on.]

While the quinoa was cooking I diced the chicken and set aside.  Once the quinoa was done I fluffed it a bit with a fork to mix it up.  I then laid out the first tortilla.  I put down on the edge/center of the tortilla about 2 spoonful’s of quinoa.  On top of that I put some diced turkey until I thought it looked like a decent amount, and then topped it with my mom’s homemade salsa (it’s the best).

12 03 13 B

Next roll up the tortilla, carefully as the quinoa is likely to spill, and put into the baking dish.  You’ll need something to keep the tortilla closed while making the rest.  Repeat 3 more times to fill the baking dish.

12 03 13 A

Once all the tortillas are in the dish make a cheese sauce out of 1 cup of cheese and milk (make to your own consistency preference).  Pour cheese sauce over tortillas and bake for 15-20 minutes.

12 03 13 C


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