Hello 2014… and hello to 2 half marathons!

Well, it’s officially 2014.  I feel I should end my non-blogging streak and actually get back to it.  I ended up being pretty busy during the month of December and by the time my vacation rolled around I didn’t want to do much of anything.  But here we are now, with my vacation ending today and of course our new year starting, which means things should be full speed ahead.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to in 2014:

  • The people I care about being healthy and happy
  • More board games… because you can never have enough
  • Some traveling (hopefully)
  • My 31st Birthday
  • Hopefully at least a few days of skiing
  • And many other things that I could go on and on about.

Oh, and I should say… 2 half marathons!

Somewhere towards the end of November or the beginning of December I signed up for 2 marathons in the spring.  The first race will be the Race for the Roses and the second will be the Portland Rock ‘N Roll.  I’ve run both races before an looking forward to having another go at them.

If anyone remembers some of my blog posts from last spring, you may recall that I was supposed to run Race for the Roses again.  Then a few weeks before the race I got a little foot injury.  While that injury has never 100% recovered, it’s not too bad these days and I’m hoping with the right amount of treatment it won’t become inflamed.  So this year I look forward to being able to participate.

My goal for these two marathons is to run at least one of them (both would be best) in 2 hours or less. I have quite a bit of work if I want to get there, but I’m excited to at least give it a shot.

Along with this goal, my second goal is to follow the training plan exactly!  No skipped runs, no modifications, just plain old follow-through.

So hopefully I’ll be consistent with my blog posts and can keep people updated on my training status and maybe encourage others along the way that have fitness goals.

Here’s to 2014 being off to a good start!


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