About me… what can I say?  Well, I just hit 30 and am coping with the thought of no longer being in my 20’s… it sounds weird when I say it.  I should say that I know 30 is not by any means old, but it’s still different to say you’re 30!  Anyway, I have a career that involves daily interactions with disabled teenagers who are simply amazing.  I have a cat that I love but everyone else dislikes (some would say hate) – with great enthusiasm.  I consider myself laid back but energetic, and contrary to what some people say, not high maintenance. I just know what I like.  I have run a few marathons simply because I said I was going to.  I cry afterwards because of the pain, but ten minutes later decide I want to do it again.  I may have been called crazy because of this.  I’m curious about anything and everything and never lack on questions, and I’m sometimes compassionate to a fault.  But most of all I am happy in life and grateful for what I have… including my awesome cat who one time bit through, yes through, my thumb.  It was an accident.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. From what i know about you questions should be your name. And if the answer is not right there is the never ending questions until the answer fits the first question.

  2. Hi there and Happy Holidays! I love the picture of your cat with the Santa hat. I’m not sure mine would let me do that. Is that when your kitty bit through your thumb?
    I wanted to thank you for visiting my spot over at everydaynourished and liking my post about Carl and for following me. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  3. Thank-you so much for leaving a comment, I’m glad you perused the blog. The Santa hat is not a favorite of my cat, I don’t think I’ve put it on her in a few years. However, she does tolerate me when I do put it on her, she just gives me an evil look. Cats are good at that. She actually bit through my thumb when we were playing chase the mouse. I grabbed onto it and she lunged for it at the same time. It was very bad timing. When it happened she actually looked shocked and hunkered down right away and looked at me but in a frightened way, which is odd because I would never act out towards her. That made me think she did it on accident. So, after the throbbing pain stopped, I had a nice little trip urgent care and then a round of antibiotics. Fun times!

    • Thanks! I hope the blog can be entertaining. So far it’s mostly random bits of what’s on my mind or something I’ve made for dinner. I’m trying my best to keep remembering to write. So more inspiration now. 🙂

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